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Revamping a website dedicated to teenagers sexuality education

Sexuality Education for teenagers
Project Management • Content Production • UX Designing
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Nota bene: this is a very old project so be induglent with the "old" UI and poor responsive of this website, I still show it because whatever how vintage it is, this website still fulfill a very great education mission for teenagers on sexuality subjects in a modern and human way since more than 10 years now. And it's certainly one of the projects i'm most proud to have participated.

OnSexprime is an official platform for educating teenagers on all sexuality aspects. They reach various topics like: feelings, what is love, mutual consent, pleasure, contraception, STIs... All contents are written and approved by health professionals and publish with guarantor of French Ministry of Healthcare.


The goal was to revamp the existing website, which is now in responsive.The main idea was to be attractive for teenager users, whether they are girls or boys and between 12 and 20 years old. We had to re-write all the editorial style and work on an evolutive UX and UI.


After a long analysis of similare websites in other countries (Canada is the most advanced on those subjects), we have found that they are usually not very bold – rather simple and ordinary. The client didn’t want the brand to look too much tender or immature. He rather expected us to create a strong and reliable image for Onsexprime.

That is why our concept was to switch the website on 4 different colors themes and use random shapes without rounded edges for navigation, titles, sidebar...

In parallel of the revamp of the new website, we selected some of the most important subjects to do specific experiences. We built small interactive tools in web like:

Home page
UUniverse Views world map selector

IST tool page

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IST tool page
UUniverse Views genesis
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