Neoness brand relaunch

Digital ecosystem revamping with new identity, offers, services...

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Product Owner • UX Design • Digital Branding
Drupal 8 • PHP • Boostrap 4 • Sketch • InVision • Jira • Confluence

Neoness Is a ten years Sports Club brand mostly implemented in Paris with more than 30 clubs and in the biggest cities in France. They were pioneer in low cost offers in a time where having a subscription was at the least 60 € per month. They innovated by proposing "à la carte" plans, with options like access to showers, a towel for each sessions, a private locker, access to the energy drink...

This concept enabled this company to get a double-digit growth through 10 years. But new competitors came on last years and gained gradually market share.


To mark the occasion (10 years anniversary and a massive marketing pivot on going) the founders decided to reposition Neoness brand, with a new customer journey for all sports clubs, new DNA, philosophy, signature, identity... and a fully remastered digital ecosystem. The existing platform had to be fully revamped and a new mobile app was in the pipe before the end of 2019.

My mission in this project was to lead digitizing the freshly made identity, define the digital customer journey, revamp the whole website experience and design and the welcoming app for every clubs.


I started my mission by organizing a workshop to make me an overview of digital touchpoints within this brand and understand majors issues. Communication, Marketing, Product, and CSM teams helped to flow into a mapping. Results allowed me to sketch firsts user stories for the new website and the tablet app.

In order to go deeper on users needs, I set up and lead 4 ideation workshops :

  • "I discover Neoness";
  • "I subscribe to Neoness";
  • "I use Neoness services" (trainings planning, ...);
  • "I discover Neoness as a BtoB prospect".

Each workshop was themed on a User Flow objective, and followed with specific concerned people in Neoness teams and sports coaches.

In the product Backlog, Epics and User stories defined mostly followed User Flow ideation workshops structure. At least 7 Epics and 80 US were made for both projects. Using Jira for leading sprints planning and Confluence to store all documentation and project history, the handover with my successor happened very serenely.

Meantime, with the Communication&Marketing Director endorsment, I hired profils for the creative team. 3 peoples joined us, a UX Designer, an Art Director, and a UI Designer specialize in tablet/mobile interface. Developments were handle by both agencies already in place. Actency for the website and Stadline for the tablet app.

Ideation workshop made by Louis Breton for Neoness
"Insights wall" from some of workshops I made

Another major objective for me was to organize and set up a Design System for Neoness (after convinced both founders). With the upcoming mobile app and the full rebranding, set off again on a clean and evolutive basics was essential.

With our creative team we laid foundations of the Design System on InVision platform, I wrote full process for Front-End integration and made popularized tutorials in videos and infographics for Marketing and Communication teams.

Design System for Neoness by Louis Breton
Infographic exemple laid out for Neoness teams to explain how works the Design System

After sketching all wireframes in mobile first and produce mockups, I organized a breakdown of each component, 75 in total, to budget development costs. I named theme and produced functional and technical specifications adapted for Drupal particularities. With this method, most of the components were reused multiple time and it helped to control the development cost and prioritize on vital components.

Despite short time we had (new offers were formalized 3 months before the big relaunch), with the creative and dev team we all met deadlines and the brand relaunch happened at the end of august just in time for the communication planned throughout September.

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