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Project management and development for Jedha's corporate website and blog, the French startup expert in Data Science & Data Engineering trainings

Bootcamp in Data Science & Data Engineering
Project lead • Development
Figma • Webflow

Jedha Bootcamp is a French startup, expert in Data Science & Data Engineering trainings. They started by building trainings in 2018 after facing the poor existing offers in France. They built programs taught by Data Scientists in post, centered on projects raising. Throughout their learning, the students develop their portfolio, which is the best demonstration of their ability to solve complex data problematics.


The CEO and Marketing Manager were looking to revamp the whole existing website (formerly on Wordpress), by adapting it with the new brand identity and webdesign made by their product designer. My mission was to guide them on technological choices, organize the project setup/planning and lead the development.


Following my recommandation we itendended to migrate the existing website on Webflow plateform.

The project took place in 3 stages:

  • setup the CMS and build the back-end (7 CMS collection to build, 250 items);
  • developp the front-end design and integrate static contents;
  • integrate the dynamic content and migrate the webiste on new the platform.

In less than a month after validating the project the new website, SEO optimized, was online.

Product Page

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Product Page

Blog Landing

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Blog Landing
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