Whether going deeper or broader, adaptability is crucial in our era of unparalleled solutions

With over a decade in Product Management, my expertise is twofold: driving fast business impact and crafting products that deliver value so effortlessly, they essentially sell themselves.

My blend of creativity and analytics strikes the perfect balance between Discovery and Delivery, tailored to each project for realistic outcomes.

A mentorship enthusiast and team leader, I also act as both facilitator and evangelist, demystifying complex concepts for smooth and effective project execution.

+10 years

France, Paris, La Rochelle

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work experience

2021 - 2024


Chief Product Officer

Led a strategic pivot, developing a 12-person Product and Tech team for a SaaS-aligned operation. Established a clear product vision with a 3-year strategy and OKRs, shifting from Sales-Led to Product-Led growth.

Implemented R&D for AI integration and steered product roadmap execution with 4 major releases and about 60 sprints. Coached a UX/UI Designer and a Project Lead to Product Manager transition.

Since 2020


Product Builder

My ongoing collaboration with Jedha, which began in 2020, has not only continued into 2024 but has also flourished. My role has evolved to encompass the management of all subsequent developments.

A proactive approach to website development—emphasizing regular updates, technical refinements, and a keen focus on leveraging data for decision-making—has been pivotal in maintaining a high-performance and cutting-edge online presence for Jedha.

My responsibilities have expanded to include regularly evaluating the website's architecture, adopting the latest web optimization, and improving loading times and user experience to ensure the platform remains at the forefront of digital innovation.



Lead Product Manager

My role was pivotal in translating the new brand identity into a digital format, optimizing the customer journey online, and overhauling the website and member app by the end of 2019.

Working with a team from different departments, we came up with a backlog of improvements for the website and app. I brought in new team members and worked with outside agencies to make sure everything went smoothly.

Despite tight deadlines, our dedication ensured the brand's successful relaunch in time for the September marketing campaign, ushering in a new era for Neoness with a stronger digital presence.

2018 - 2020

Maison Fragile

Product Marketing Manager

Lead e-commerce and digital strategy, overseeing technical infrastructure and website enhancements. Led a marketing team of two, developed a focused AARRR digital marketing strategy, and streamlined brand identity and product catalog.

2017 - 2018


Product Marketing Manager

Oversaw digital projects and digital marketing operations, managing infrastructure for hosting/domains and a web ecosystem of 18 sites. Developed and led digital marketing strategy, focusing on SEM techniques. Managed internal communication networks (2 intranets) and advised on the agency’s digital transformation projects, including ERP strategy.

2015 - 2017


Digital & Event Project Manager

Managed digital and event projects for the communication Department, coordinating editorial content for ipsos.fr with ~120k monthly visits. Conducted web analytics audits, implemented monitoring tools, and oversaw corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the site, including GIT and pre-production management. Developed web applications for elections, commercial landings, and Ipsos’ 40th anniversary. Organized over 8 client events ranging from 50 to 250 attendees.



Digital Project Manager (Internship)

Led the functional and graphic redesign project, including CMS migration for the onsexprime.fr and choisirsacontraception websites. Managed content production, including video sketches, interactive modules, and over a hundred illustrations. Oversaw technical aspects of the redesign, including drafting of functional specifications.

2011 - 2014


Communication Officer

Managed Corporate Communication and Employer Branding budgets across both media and non-media channels. Responsibilities encompassed centralizing group insertion requests, briefing agencies, and overseeing the creation and production processes. Regularly sought out new agencies and managed an intranet tool for enhanced communication.

Education & certification