E-commerce strategy for Maison Fragile

Set up from scratch an e-commerce platform and digital strategy for a new French tableware brand

French Luxe Porcelain
E-commerce website • Lead Gen • Automation Marketing
Sketch • Photoshop • Shopify • MailChimp • Postable • Facebook Business Manager • Google Ads • Google Merchant Center

Maison Fragile is a Made in France tableware brand. Dinner plates, dessert plates, tea or coffee cups, beakers, cups, white porcelain... We create and produce all our porcelain in Limoges with our talented French artists.


1 year after launching the brand, the founder looked to increase reputation and e-commerce activities in addition to BtoB with hotel trad and catering.
The challenges in this endless mission were plentiful, despite the limited budget for developing an e-commerce business, I had free rein to organize the strategy and build the digital ecosystem.


I planned my mission in 4 distinctives projects:

Digitalize brand identity and define UI guidelines

Since its launch, the Founder never got time to organize and build a digital chart for the brand. Initially, colors, fonts, brand elements... were think for packaging and offline communication use.
My first task was to list the brand components needed for digital purpose and adapt them in an UI Kit. For exemple I redesigned the Logo presentation with new rules of use, I reviewed colors by adding more "light" and define hexadecimal reference instead of RGB values.

ui kit Maison Fragile by Louis Breton
Artboard samples from Maison Fragile UI Kit

Start from over a new website with a new CMS

After analyzing functional needs for the website and team knowledge in digital / CMS / e-commerce, I recommended to move on Shopify, a PaaS CMS Platform. I took this bias because of time and limited budget dedicated to third-party applications maintenance and unlike WooCommerce, Prestashop or Magento, Shopify is more UX friendly to use, rather easy to set up and keep it running (no core update).

Set-up lasted one month from validate the CMS and be ready to migrate the old website (based on WordPress).

Re-write products description and packshots

Because of selecting an edgeless template for product presentation, pages and sliders. The whole product catalog had to be revamp, photos and texts. The more efficient way for me, was to made a photoshop template to produce pack-shot photos for all products and adapt them for digital use. At least 230 calibrate pack-shots and situational photos were made for the launch.

Photo packs hot Maison Fragile by Louis Breton UX product owner
Product packshots samples

Build a complet AARRR marketing funnel

Meanwhile website set up, I laid the foundations of a marketing strategy using the AAARR framework (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Referral).

Beyond setting up all metrics tools (Google Analytics, Search Consol, HotJar...), I configured a Facebook Business Manager, a Google Ads and Google Merchant center accounts for acquisition and remarketing campaigns. I also set up email automation campaigns, from creating a customer account, to the feedback survey and passing by the gift card email... 22 different templates were made in english and french.

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