Landing page for JULIE, a new e-learning platform

Set-up in 48h a landing page for a SaaS e-learning platform in Data Science & Data Engineering

Bootcamp in Data Science & Data Engineering
Project lead • Development
Figma • Webflow

JULIE is a new e-learning platform launched by Jedha, the French expert in Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamps.
This SaaS platform offer a unique learning experience focused on practicing code first. Users can choose one of many pre-built learning path and follow the interactive tracks that will make them learn step-by-step any skill they want in Data Science or Data Engineering.


The Marketing Manager and the Product Designer were looking for a quick way to set up a landing page to announce this new e-learning platform launch, JULIE.
My mission was to organize the framework setup and lead the development, all of this in a record time.


The quickest way for me to develop this project, by respecting the Product Designer's templates, was to steer Jedha's teams on Webflow platform.
After managing settings, I developed in full responsive the whole website in 2 days.

Julie landing page

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Julie landing page
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