Digital experience for UUnivers Views

Interactive website for a worldwide ethnographic project conducted by Ipsos's qualitative researchers

Qualitative Market Research
Project management • UX/UI Design • Development
Axure • Sketch • Webflow

With 1000 world-class researchers in over 80 countries, Ipsos UU is the world’s leading qualitative community, with the biggest share of insights. Always striving to bring Life to life, at Ipsos UU we love the power of context by exploring real people in real life. Ipsos UU is based on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and built for changing.


For an entire year, Ipsos UU teams carried on an ethnographic project by interviewing on video almost 400 people of all profile, from 44 countries. They asked the same 6 questions and accepted to share their dreams, their beliefs, their doubts… in their own words. With more than 250 videos produced, the goal was to imagine an interactive website, easily shareable and with a limited budget.


After hosting all videos on Vimeo platform, I designed the entire user flow experience and produced mock-ups on sketch with a light UI Kit in order to validate the project with Ipsos UU Directors. After getting their enthusiastic feedback I proposed them to develop myself the project on the newly launched visual coding platform, Webflow.

The project has been developed in less than 2 weeks with a specific experience for desktop and mobile devices.

After being launched, I led a communication campaign around the world with local Ipsos UU communication team, by producing a communication kit for press and social media. In France the project was promoted during 6 months in 2016.

Quite unknown to the Ipsos's prospects and clients before, Ipsos UUnivers Views project helped during a long time Ipsos UU qualitative teams to promote their solutions and what they can do.

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