2017 French National Elections

Set up a digital communication platform dedicated to the Presidential Election and the Legislative Elections in 2017

Polls & Market Research
Product Owner • UX/UI design • Front-End Dev
Sketch • Adobe Illustrator • Webflow

In 2017, there was the 2 most important Elections in France, the Presidential election and the Legislative (election of the deputies). Ipsos was the public medias official partner (France Télévision, Radio France) that provide polls before the elections and estimations throughout election night for both events.


Goals with both Elections were triple:

  1. give the largest visibility to the private sponsor (Sopra Steria at the time) that support the poll dispositive;
  2. give the clearest information on polls to the public and publish point of views only based on data analysis;
  3. and promote Ipsos other expertises and services during this high visibility period.


The retained communication solution had to be efficient and visible on social medias and on a dedicated website built on a subdomain of ipsos.fr.

I started to work on user experience and my top priorities were to give the clearest possible navigation, and focus on estimations/results with less "journalistic" text around. Also, I took the bias for this project to upgrade the website navigation during all the elections period, in order to highlight the latest informations and results for the user.

For exemple, both election page had 5 specifics layouts :

  • layout 1, before the first electoral round;
  • layout 2, during the first electoral night (showed the Sunday morning);
  • layout 3 after the first electoral round (displayed the next Monday afternoon);
  • layout 4, during the second electoral night;
  • and finally layout 5, after the second electoral round.

After specify brand identity with the art director, I produced the user interface based on wireframes I made. We deliberately limited our brand color palette because of the long list of political parties / edges to manage. For all charts, graphics we had to use specific and "official colors" edited by Interior Ministry.

political parties / edges colors

I also handle the development of this landing page with my beloved CMS/framework platform, Webflow. I used API to pull content from the original website inside cards at the bottom of the landing page. And with another API we were directly connected to the central computer, where all estimations were produced in order to show dynamic estimations in real time during the electoral nights.

The second part of this communication campaign was to find an easy way to produce amount of images to share with complex charts in all sorts. Like we say, experience always wins the day, this was with Adobe Illustrator we found the best efficient solution. Using variable data functions in Illustrator we arrived to automatise charts updates with an external excel sheet. This quick win made us win a lot of time. After both elections, we counted no less than 400 images produced and shared during the period.

sample tweet infographic Louis Breton

Legislative elections landing page

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Legislative elections landing page
Paris&Co dynamic landing page

Presidential election landing page

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Presidential election landing page
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