Excellence Client Awards

Design a brand and set-up an annual event ceremony for an ambitious prize rewarding virtuous companies in their relation and customer satisfaction management

Relationship and Customer Satisfaction Management
Project Manager • Event organizer • Branding
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The Excellence Client Awards was born with the association of 3 complementary companies, l'Académie du Service, Ipsos and Trusteam Finance. At the origin of the creation of this prize, an observation: quality of a business is not limited to its good results, the quality of its service, but actually to the satisfaction and recommendation of its customers. It is the combination of these three dimensions that distinguishes brands and companies that excel and stand out!


This project, setup from scratch, appealed plenty of different expertises : juridic, business relation, communication, event organisation, 3D designing, art casting...

While a team was dedicated during 4 months to meet and interview all shortlisted companies for the first award edition, an art director from Ipsos and I were in charge to build the brand identity with all the needed assets, organize the event where the award night happened, and of course producing the prize in the flesh to give.


Unlike most of awards in this sector, companies can't candidate to Excellence Client Awards, they are automatically selected within a large study conducted by Ipsos and Trusteam Finance since 2014 (l'Oeil de la sat'). Only top 10 most performant in satisfaction client companies are selected to take the next step. 

So our bias conducted us to build a very precious brand by giving an inaccessible look for this prize. Using luxe codes, we designed a very strict logo in his lines and selected a color palette in gold tons and a quiet desaturate iconography.

excellence client brand identity

After validate brand identity with all stakeholders, we developed communication tools : press kit, presentation deck, sound identity... And because of a limited time, I built the website on Squarespace CMS using and adapting an included template. We really intended to create a luxurious trophy for this award, we chose and worked closely with Macheret, a foundry based in France, to design and cast a bronze that perfectly represent the Excellence Client Awards DNA.

trophy creation excellence client

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