Digital strategy for Paris&Co

Building a website factory & digital experience strategy for the largest incubation platform in Paris

Incubation & business accelerator
Product Owner • Experience Design • Brand management • Inbound marketing expert
eZ Plateform • Symfony • Sharepoint

Paris&Co is the innovation and economic development agency of the Paris metropolitan area. The agency supports innovation by incubating more than 500 French and foreign startups each year, conducting experimentation for innovative solutions, and organizing national and international tech events. Its development is based on an open innovation approach, in close collaboration with more than 120 major corporations and institutions.


I joined Paris&Co to reinforce the Marketing & Communication team. My 6 months mission for them took action on 3 different fields:

  • finalise the new website factory development and reorganize the digital ecosystem;
  • support the Office Manager to organize their ERP solutions;
  • structure and form a team on inbound marketing and content production.


I took relay on all current digital subjects by finalize in priority the new website factory development with the external developers team in charge. Meanwhile I wrote the deployment protocol to prepare old websites migration roadmap and reorganize a clean backlog to prepare next functional evolutions.

Paris&Co has singular history: they launch many activities with their own name and brand, organize local and national events, take part on majors economics subjects for Paris city hall. And they were themself restructured, merged multiple times with other local associations.

Reorganize and clean the digital ecosystem turned out to be very tricky, with 10 years inherit without rules for domain name registration, server rental and website deployment, I discovered certainly the wildest ecosystem since I work. The assessment for this first mission was to reduce by half the number of registered domains (going from 280 to 115) after massively manage DNS zone cleaning for the retained ones. Also we closed or migrate more than 20 servers and websites. Some of them were outdated since 6 or 7 years and i found that some others were hacked. All those actions helped teams to understand the necessity to organize digital projects more rigorously and by the way help to make a 4-digit expenditure reduction every year.

My second mission was to support the Office and Business Managers to find better ways to work and organize communication between services. We took advantage that the whole organization was on Office 365 solution. I designed for them an intranet structure on Sharepoint with specific access for each services.

Also I helped them to implement time tracker solution (Tmetrics), a CRM for the international Team (Hubspot) and a social media account management solution for communication teams (Metricool).

A "bonus" mission has been for me to organize a training followed with a workshop with all communication officers (15 peoples) on Inbound Marketing strategy and how to use it for Paris&Co and their incubation platforms. I also gave them new tools to produce their own graphic images without creative skills, and tricks to be efficient on content publication on social medias.

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